The Charlton Society meetings 2020/1 update

In view of the coronavirus situation, the Committee reluctantly had to postpone the 2020 programme of talks and as we now are entering another lockdown phase, meetings will still not be able to be held at Charlton House for the foreseeable future. We will of course keep you posted via the website and email as to The Charlton Society activity.

However, despite Covid-19 restrictions, The Charlton Society Committee have still been hard at work and have been arranging a Golden Anniversary Street Exhibition in Charlton Village, highlighting the uniqueness of the Village, recognising the traders and successes The Charlton Society has achieved over the last 50 years.

The Exhibition opened on Friday October 30th, and was very well attended by both members, Village traders, plus interested Charlton residents and beyond. The event was hosted by The Charlton Society Committee and the guest was the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Cllr Linda Bird. The Exhibition is open until Friday November 27th. Please go and have a look.

For full information of Exhibition activities, please click here

Also, for a look at the all images of Charlton used in the Exhibition, plus images of them being installed, please go to the Charlton Village Street Exhibition tab.

We would also welcome your feedback, please contact us here as we would like to compile an online visitors’ book to celebrate the Exhibition.

Additionally, regarding the 2020 talks programme, The Committee has approached all invited speakers to deliver their talks as an online presentation which will be posted on the website. To start with we have the presentation from Jessica Lyle from Nature’s Gym, who was due to speak in September, outlining the conservation work the company does to protect and enhance our natural habitats in Lewisham. We also have a presentation from Gill Cooper, on Charlton Cemetery and its many residents! Please go to Online Presentations 2020 for the full presentations, they make for very interesting reading.

In the absence of live meetings, the Charlton Society Committee is holding monthly meetings online, the minutes of which are posted on the website, so all members can be kept informed of the discussions had and the work the Society is progressing with. Please go to Committee tab for further information.

The Committee is also committed to working on the Save Our Village Action Plan (SOVAP), this was presented by Chair, Carol Kenna, at our last meeting at Charlton House. For details of the current status of activity with SOVAP, please click here

We will also be keeping the website updated with local events which are adhering to social distancing guidelines, plus virtual events members and residents can participate in. Please go to Local Events for information.

The other important area in which the Society is involved in is in scrutinising Greenwich planning policy. The Society and other community groups have been rigorous in challenging recent proposed developments. We are delighted to report that both the Rockwell development proposals at Anchor & Hope and the Meyer Tower development in Woolwich have been rejected. For further information on other planning the Society is involved in, including news of the White Swan in the Village, please go to Planning tab at the top of the page.

There is also an account of how the above successes were achieved by the working together of community, council and residents presented by Vice-Chair, Roden Richardson.

Obviously we are now dealing with an additional lockdown, and following on from the previous invitation, the Committee thought it would be good for members to share images of what we are getting up to, to pass the time. Please feel free to send images to Membership Secretary, Pauline Langley, click here.

For what members got up to over the summer, please go to Lockdown Adventures tab to see what images we have received so far including some lovely video footage recorded from the top of St Luke’s tower. We look forward to receiving more images!

We wish you all the best wishes, stay safe and keep well.

The Charlton Society Committee