Daffodil+Weekend-2+20cmTriplow Daffodil Weekend, Cambridgeshire

Sunday 24th March 2019

Doreen Gunning is arranging a visit to Triplow’s famous Daffodil Weekend festival.

A coach will leave from Charlton House 9am on the dot and return from Triplow at 4pm. Tickets cost  £23 (children £8 /under 5s free) including the entrance charge.

Please phone Doreen on 020 8853 0075 if you’d like to book a place or for further information.

VICTORY!!!!! CHARLTON SAVED!!!!! Mayor Khan decisively rejected the grotesque Rockwell planning application for Riverside this afternoon! Community and Greenwich Council Planning Board vindicated!

This will go down in the annals and should begin a process that should make developers think twice in the future and respect local people (and don’t forget Khan also rejected the Tesco tower only days ago – another feather in the cap for the community – and has just announced he will not call in another big application and instead allow Greenwich to deal with it independently).

This was wonderful kudos for all those Charlton individuals and groups who put in such long hours for such a long time (months and months) to make this happen – and not least also for the great audience that assembled to “pack the benches”; I don’t doubt their presence really helped swing it! In fact, Greenwich Planning Board Chair, Sarah Merrill, recognised its importance by gesturing with a sweeping arm movement towards it as she gave her (excellent) presentation to the Mayor.

As we all strolled back to London Bridge station, Mayor Khan (with his body guards) overtook us, congratulating us as he passed. That’s OK by me…

Written by Roden Richardson 29.01.2019

For a more fulsome report see the Charlton Champion:

VILLAGE CLEAN-UP – A small group of hi-viz Charlton Society members recently fanned out across the Village to collect litter and other detritus that the Council had been unable to remove. The intention is to make such “VAPsweeps” a regular feature. As always, it depends on volunteers, so in case you’re thinking of joining in next time, you might like to know that the operation lasted scarcely an hour!