Lockdown Adventures

Further to a message sent to all members, the Charlton Society has invited members to share images of what they have been up during lockdown.

For starters, we have member Gulle Stubbs and four-legged friend Jasper, enjoying a daily walk, plus dealing with the high temperatures recently!


We also have some lockdown images from Chair, Carol Kenna to share; from enjoying a lazy sunny day in the park,  purchasing plants from the successful Charlton Community Gardens plant sale in June, a reminder that rubbish is everyone’s responsibility, weeding the raised beds in Charlton Village as part of SOVAP project, and enjoying a picnic in the garden with the grandchildren.


We have also heard from another member, Carol Hayward,  who has been keeping busy in the garden and painting. The still life paintings include bread that has been delivered by her neighbour, the flowers were from Carol’s garden and the Village Co-op, and the fruit is from the Village greengrocer.


Another Committee member, Ruth Dodson, has sent in some images, having spent a lot of lockdown trying to tidy up a previously rather overgrown garden, purchasing bright garden furniture and making friends with a resident fox (just visible!), plus help weed the raised beds in Charlton Village with Carol and Roden.


Additionally we have had a lovely message from member Rosemary Heath, who has been sharing lockdown with her cat, although we do not have images:

“Supplies were running low but I discovered that the pet shop on Old Dover Road was willing to deliver requests. This worked splendidly; the owner is very helpful and cheerful, delivers the same day of ordering and one pays in cash (which luckily I had stocked up on before lockdown – who says we should have a cashless society?). The range is not quite what the cat is used to but he is knuckling down to what comes up.

I live in Tudor Grange, which some members may know. There are about 30 of us here and some still meet for coffee mornings, 2 metres apart of course, so for the slightly deaf ones such as myself it is slightly difficult to maintain a conversation. Visitors are discouraged, unless they are close family. However we mostly remain fairly cheerful but just hope restrictions will ease as it gets a bit boring, one cannot read or watch TV all the time. But we have a nice garden and can meet there for a chat (and moan).  I expect many people are in a similar position.”


Committee member David Gardner has also sent in some lockdown images, he has been doing lots of cycling, whatever the weather, volunteering for the RBG Community Hub, attending BLM event (whilst adhering to social distancing of course), been to the Queen Elizabeth to clap the NHS staff, dining in the sunshine in the garden, and getting a haircut! And then of course looking forward to the opening of the Bugle…

Please feel free to send your images to share. Please click here