Online Visitors’ Book

As part of The Charlton Society Village Street Exhibition, we have invited members, and indeed non-members, to provide their thoughts and impressions of the Exhibition, so have opened an Online Visitors’ Book. We have already had a number of responses, we would delighted to hear from anyone who has an interest in the Exhibition, what memories it brings back, or couldn’t get to the Exhibition itself but saw it in the Yearbook, here are a few for starters:

“I enjoyed the pictures enormously. It was good to spot some old friends in a few of them!”
Joan Lake, CS member

“I thought the exhibition was a great success, well done. It was a nice surprise to see my young self in the chemist window!”
Carol Hayward, CS member

“I enjoyed the exhibition and also thought that printing the booklet with many of the photographs in it was a very good idea.”
Mike Bramwell, CS member

“I really loved the photos, wishing there were more!”
Jodie Coughlan, CS member

“I’ve loved stopping and looking at the Exhibition panels as I’ve walked through the Village over the past few weeks.”
Edward Schofield, Charlton resident

“The photos are great, thank you for the display. And good that they were big.”
Gulle Stubbs, CS member

“Congratulations to all in The Charlton Society for the fascinating exhibition which has provided a real focal point in the Village for the past few weeks.  What a pity that the 2nd lockdown reduced the visibility of some of the images – though enough remained on view to enliven a walk through the Village at what could have been an even more dispiriting time. It’s obvious that a huge amount of work went into the exhibition’s staging – thank you to all involved.”
Rosemary Leeke, Charlton resident

“First please excuse my writing. Can’t see too well, left eye blind right eye middle of a cataract and colour blind and very deaf.  But I’m still here.  I’m 90 years old! I must first of all thank you and your Committee for the wonderful read, I just couldn’t put it down this afternoon. I haven’t read a book for years; what lovely memories and photographs. I lived it all again, took me almost two and a half hours, well worth it. Big, big thank you for all you and the Committee do for the book.”
Doreen Gunning, CS Member 

“I was so pleased to receive my Annual Report in the post today. I was very disappointed to miss the open day last Friday so it was a lovely surprise to get this.”
Christine Anthony, CS Member

“Thank you very much for sending me the annual yearbook, much appreciated as I was unable to get to Earle Place.
Rosemary Heath, CS Member

“I was delighted to receive the booklet and book of walks.”
Anne Richards, CS Member

We would love to hear from as many people as possible, please click here to send your thoughts

Stay safe.

The Charlton Society Committee