Talks Programme 2021

The Charlton Society usually holds talks on matters of local interest, normally on the third Saturday of every month, in Charlton House, or, on occasion, The Assembly Rooms, from 2.30pm, however due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, The Charlton Society had to postpone all talks for 2020.

As an alternative, for 2021, The Charlton Society is now hosting meetings online instead until we are able to meet in person again, the first of which was held in January, and was very well attended, thank you to all who did, the same for February, March, April and May – we are getting used to it now! The next meeting is scheduled for 19th June, details are listed below. We welcome as many participants as possible. Invitations will be sent via email. We hope to reschedule many of the proposed presentations that were in the diary for 2020, please see further details below. If you have any queries regarding attending the meetings, please click here

We wish you all a safe and healthy 2021.


For the full proposed schedule for 2021, please click here although please bear in mind the programme could be subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic.


Next presentation:

– 18th September 2021: Volunteering for the Lewisham nature reserves, presented by Nature Conservation Officer, Jessica Kyle (virtual presentation)

Jessica Kyle is Nature Conservation Officer for Nature’s Gym, who manage a variety of nature reserves in the London Borough of Lewisham. Jessica will be outlining the opportunities for members to volunteer to assist with the work.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Previous presentations:

–  17th July 2021: Charlton, Past & Present through postcards and photos, & SOVAP update, presented by Carol Kenna, Chair, The Charlton Society (virtual presentation)

–  17th July 2021: Charlton, Past & Present through postcards and photos, & SOVAP update, presented by Carol Kenna, Chair, The Charlton Society (virtual presentation)

– June 19th 2021: Some Homes for Heroes by Dr Michael Passmore (virtual presentation)

– May 15th 2021: The Greenwich Gas Industry by Dr Mary Mills (virtual presentation)

– April 24th 2021: A Day in the Life Of a Mayor in Lockdown by Mayor Linda Bird (virtual presentation)

– March 20th 2021: The Women of Well Hall Estate in WW1 by Lynne Dixon (virtual presentation)

– February 20th 2021: Charlton Sports by Tim Anderson (virtual presentation)

– January 16th 2021: The History of the Mulberry Tree by Dr Peter Coles (virtual presentation)


Postponed 2020 schedule:

– March 21st: The History of the Mulberry Tree: Dr Peter Coles (Charlton House) – Cancelled

– April 18th: The Women of Well Hall Estate: Lynne Dixon (The Assembly Rooms) – Cancelled

– May 16th: Charlton Cemetery: Gill Cooper (Charlton House) – Cancelled

– June 20th: History of the Co-operative Society, Royal Artillery Co-operative – the first Co-op in Southern England: Mary Mills (Charlton House) – Cancelled

– July 18th: Some Homes for Heroes, built in SE London: Dr Michael Passmore – Cancelled

– August 22nd: Croquet Day (Charlton Park) – Cancelled

– September 19th: Lewisham Nature Conversation: Jessica Kyle (Charlton House) – cancelled.

– October 17th: Charlton Society AGM, followed by challenges facing Woolwich: Cllr David Gardner (Charlton House) – Cancelled

– November 21st: The Assembly Rooms: Gwen Zammit (The Assembly Rooms) – Cancelled

– December 19th: Charlton Open Air School: George Burton (Charlton House) – Cancelled

Suggestions for future speakers and subject matter are always welcomed, let us know: click here