Greenwich Ikea – the Charlton Society wants your views

Ikea is all set to come to our doorstep – how can we lessen its impact? We’d like to hear local people’s thoughts.

Ikea has planning permission to build a new furniture store on the site of the “eco” Sainsbury’s in Greenwich, which is moving to Woolwich Road at the end of the year.

Campaigners have tried to stop it, and there have been many fears expressed over traffic, but the store now looks likely to happen. And it’ll have a big impact on Charlton and surrounding areas.

So how can we make the best of this situation? What do we, as neighbours of the proposed store, want to see to prevent Ikea grinding local transport to a halt? What do we think the store should look like? And what part should Ikea play in the local community?

The Charlton Society’s planning committee is talking to Ikea about the future. We’d like to hear your ideas. Should the road junction at the Woolwich Road flyover be altered? How can we make it easier for people to have goods delivered? What extra public transport would you like to see? And how can we improve on Ikea’s trademark “blue box”?

If you want some ideas, take a look at local politician Matt Pennycook’s thoughts on Ikea. And find out more about the Ikea store in Altona, Hamburg, which encourages people to come by bus or bike rather than car.

The coming of Ikea is one of the most pressing issues facing our community, so we’re working with our neighbours in the East Greenwich Residents Association, the Westcombe Society, the Greenwich Society and Charlton Central Residents Association on this.

Please let us know your thoughts – your idea could be the one that changes things for the better. Email us at – we’d love to hear from you.