Sign our petition – restore the 53 bus to Whitehall

Charlton residents are getting together to demand transport bosses restore our bus to central London – can you help us by signing our petition?

Since 17 January, route 53 – which runs from Plumstead Station to Whitehall – has been running short to Lambeth North, forcing local workers to continue their journeys on foot or pay extra to take a second bus.

Notice on bus stop in Whiteall

Transport for London initially said it would restore the full service in March, once roadworks near Westminster Bridge were finished. Then the date was moved to April.

It is now May, and the 53 is still stopping short of its usual destination, costing passengers money and time.

While there are now roadworks at the Elephant & Castle, no other route through that junction is stopping short of central London because of that issue.

Now we’ve launched a petition to demand Transport for London restores the 53 to its full route. We want to see better facilities for people in Charlton – and that includes better transport.

The 53’s an important link used by Charlton people from all walks of life, as well as people from neighbouring areas.

We don’t want the 53 cut back by stealth – we want to see the service restored immediately.

The petition can be found at